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Thank you!

Saturday's Ping Pong Ball Explosion. Photo by Cary Lin.

Saturday’s Ping Pong Ball Explosion. Photo by Cary Lin.

We had a blast at the third annual Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire, and we hope you did too! Thanks to our makers, vendors, performers, sponsors and visitors for making the weekend explode with fun.

Check out more photos made by our intrepid photo intern Cary Lin here!



Now taking the Maker Faire stage…

At Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire, every kind of maker and every act of making is on display – including those who make music, explosions set to music and even beer. Don’t miss these performances on Saturday, Aug. 29 and Sunday, Aug. 30 at Cincinnati Museum Center:

preston-charlesPreston Charles III, Make It Happen Music
Preston will perform the violin with two amps to give stereo effect and enhance the experience of the listener hearing what seems like two violins playing in rhythm with one another, when in actuality there is one violin and a loop pedal. He’ll have free pins and info about music in general and Make It Happen Music.
Maker Stage, Cincinnati History Museum South Gallery
11 a.m. Saturday & 1 p.m. Sunday


katie-daniels-3Katie Daniels
Katie is a singer/songwriter hailing from Glasgow, Kentucky. She plays Celtic folk harp and sometimes acoustic guitar. She plays a wide variety of music from covers of modern pop songs, to ancient ballads, to original music. She also composes and performs for the geek crowd, and once even wrote a song specifically for the Maker movement.
Maker Stage, Cincinnati History Museum South Gallery
Noon Saturday & Sunday


Ping Pong Ball Explosion

Photo by Ziegelmeyer Creative

Ping Pong Explosion
See science explode into action with liquid nitrogen and 1,500 ping pong balls!  What happens when liquid nitrogen boils in a tightly capped bottle? At over 160 pounds per square inch, our bottle suffers a catastrophic failure, releasing over 25,000 pounds of force and launching our 1,500 ping pong balls over 100 feet into the air.
South Parking Lot
Noon Saturday & 1 p.m. Sunday


EepyBird's live show from Maker Faire Detroit. Photo by Gary Malerba.

EepyBird’s live show from Maker Faire Detroit. Photo by Gary Malerba.

Watch EepyBird’s Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz don their lab coats and drop 540 Mentos mints into 108 two-liter bottles of Coke Zero, creating geysers of soda that will erupt over 25 feet into the air.
North Parking Lot
1 p.m. Saturday only



Brewers’ Panel
Representatives from local breweries including Taft’s Ale House, Christian Moerlein and Rivertown will be speaking on the unique characteristics of their beers and breweries and answering audience questions.
Maker Stage, Cincinnati History Museum South Gallery
3 p.m. Saturday & Sunday

3 p.m. Sonic Flame Tube
Watch and listen as music creates a constantly changing display of fire!
Museum of Natural History & Science STEM Discovery Lab
3 p.m. Saturday & 4 p.m. Sunday

Admission to all of the indoor performances and the rest of Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire is free for Cincinnati Museum Center Members or included with an All Museums Pass. Buy in advance online to save!

All aboard the Maker Train!


Now that Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire calls a historic train station home, we thought it was only fitting that we bring out our riding train for our mini Maker Faire guests. And in true Maker Faire style, this train ride will take you on a trip through a robot junkyard!

Because we at Cincinnati Museum Center are all about reducing, reusing and recycling whenever we can, our exhibits staff decided to give life to antique audio-visual equipment, cardboard boxes, paper towel tubes and leftover parts of old exhibits and displays by reincarnating them into robots, just in time for Maker Faire. Check out this photo gallery for a sneak peek of the bots you’ll meet this weekend.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Head down to the South Gallery of the Cincinnati History Museum between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 29 and 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 30 to take a trip on the Maker Train for just $1 per ride. Sorry, tall train enthusiasts: You must be no more than 52 inches tall for this thrill ride. But there’s plenty more to see and do this weekend for makers of all ages, so get your tickets now!

Maker Faire for Noobs

Never been to Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire before? No worries, here’s a guide to help you fit right in when Maker Faire returns to Cincinnati Museum Center on Aug. 29 and 30. Or stand right out, if that’s your thing!


What to Wear
You’re going to a Maker Faire to see and experience creativity on display. But that doesn’t mean you can’t express your own creativity as well. This is a great opportunity to let your inner child/geek/steampunk out! Maker Faires are a celebration of expression and invention, and a safe place to be yourself or be someone else. So break out a costume, or some goggles or at least a fun tie.

What to Bring
You’ll definitely need your All Museums Pass (cheaper if you buy in advance online!) or a way to pay for your Cincinnati Museum Center tickets. At Maker Faires, it’s also a good idea to have a little cash in case a vendor is not equipped to take credit cards or you wish to donate to a maker’s supply fund. If the forecast calls for rain, be sure to bring an umbrella as there are always lots of fun things to do outside, such as power tool drag racing. Oh, and if you have children, bring them along, too. But no dogs. Except maybe robot dogs.


What to Expect
The key to enjoying a Maker Faire is to be completely open-minded. You never know what you will find around the next corner. The event is kind of a cross between a science fair, art exhibit, comic convention and carnival. This is the place where passions are on full display. You won’t see sales pitches and business models – for these makers, invention, expression and exploration are their own reward. For you, walking through Cincinnati Museum Center will be a unique Cincinnati adventure!


What to Do
Participate. Be curious. Ask questions. Have fun, learn and get inspired! And remember to take the time to snap some photos and videos and share them using the #CityofMakers hash tag.

Since our inaugural Faire in 2013, Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire has brought together an amazing assortment of makers. We really hope you enjoy your first time, and are inspired to be a part of Maker Faires in years to come.

Jason Langdon
Founder, Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire

More Makers announced!

R2 Builders photo by Ziegelmeyer Photography

R2 Builders photo by Ziegelmeyer Photography

We’re excited to share with you this updated list of Makers who will be building, creating, designing and experimenting at Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2015 at Cincinnati Museum Center!

On Saturday, Aug. 29 and Sunday, Aug. 30, you’ll be able to watch and participate in amazing science experiments, learn how R2D2 replicas are built, cheer on your favorite drag racing power tool, make and launch a paper rocket, drive a robot, see 3D printers in action, screen print your own T-shirt, find out how museum exhibits are made and much more.

Makers will be located throughout Cincinnati Museum Center’s three museums – the Cincinnati History Museum, the Duke Energy Children’s Museum and the Museum of Natural History & Science – from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 29 and from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 30. (Museum exhibits will also be open.) Admission is free for Museum Center Members. Not a Member? Join today or buy an All Museums Pass in advance online to save and to make the most of your Maker Faire experience!

e-NABLE gives kids a 3-D printed helping hand

Who doesn’t want a robotic hand? e-NABLE is making that happen for kids and adults through their innovative use for 3-D printers. Kids like Luke Dennison, who was born without fingers on his left hand, are not only gaining capabilities and more independence from these hands, but they’re also get something cool to show off to their friends. e-NABLE is a global Network of Passionate volunteers who use 3-D printing to give the world  a “Helping Hand.”

enable 2

Read more and watch how Luke uses his 3-D printed hand on this story from Local 12 WKRC Cincinnati here.

On Aug. 29-30, come see these 3-D printed hands up close at e-NABLE’s table at Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire along with many other displays from innovative makers from our region. This event is FREE with an All Museums Pass or a Membership to Cincinnati Museum Center.

So many makers, so little time!

Race cars, robots, or the symphony orchestra; no matter what your passion is, we here at Cincinnati Museum Center, along with our entire roster of exhibitors and vendors, cannot wait to see you August 29 & 30 for Maker Faire!


The Manufactory
Portal Planet
Procter & Gamble
Craftologies, LLC
ACS Volunteer: Bill Crawford
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
Licking Valley Quilt Guild
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio
Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Infinity Analytics LLC
Gorilla Maker
Lakota Robotics
Fantastic Five Robotics Team
Cincinnati Made
Bearcat Motorsports
Compressed Paper Air Rockets: Tom Lawson
Cincinnati Museum Center Exhibit Team
Polar 3D Printers
Pat’s Projects
Kenton County Public Library

Sunburst Valley Alpacas yarn and fiber
Happy Bungalow
Paper Acorn
Crown Jewel
Museum Center Gift Shops

We’ll be adding even more makers as the big day approaches, so be sure to check back here often for the latest updates! Tickets are on sale now, and here’s a tip: You can save if you buy in advance online!

#FlashbackFriday: Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2014

All of this awesome stuff and more happened at last year’s Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire. Don’t miss your chance to experience the Maker Movement when Maker Faire returns to Cincinnati Museum Center on Aug. 29 and 30, 2015. The full schedule is coming soon! Learn more

#MakerMondays – Cincinnati Museum Center Exhibits Department

Sand Table

Kinetic sandbox featured in Warren County’s Thomas C. Spellmire Water Conservation Education Exhibit

When was the last time you had a truly passionate conversation about taxidermy? Or participated in a brainstorming session to determine the best way to build a 25-foot replica of the human mouth?

For Cincinnati Museum Center’s exhibits department, this is just business as usual. And with a host of new projects in the works, you’ll want to be sure to pay the exhibits department a visit during Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire.

“We find ways to help people make a more personal connection, to feel those goose bump moments,” says Sarah Lima, exhibits business development manager.

With specialties ranging from carpentry to fiber optics to graphic design, this team of designers and fabricators champions the task of bringing history and science to life.

The Cave, for example, found in the Museum of Natural History & Science, was modeled in part after two Kentucky limestone caves – Teamers Cave in Rockcastle County and Dyches Bridge Cave in Pulaski County – and is the largest artificial cave in the U.S. Complete with subterranean waterfall and bat chamber, you may forget you’re not actually 300 feet underground!

Cincinnati in Motion, another visitor favorite, is the largest S-scale, full-motion urban layout in the nation. This 1/64 scale recreation invites guests to “ride” through early 20th century versions of Over-the-Rhine, Mount Adams and even Coney Island as working trains and streetcars zip by.

Of course, in the venturesome spirit of making, the exhibits department does not confine its work to the four walls of Museum Center. For example, when the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District needed a new, cutting-edge way to educate the community about the importance protecting our water resources, they knew exactly who to partner with.

“They said, ‘we want something more digital, more interactive, with more wow,’” explains Lima. Employing motion-sensor topography projections and heaps of kinetic sand, the team transformed a humble 24-foot trailer into a hands-on mobile museum.

Cincinnati Museum Center is truly unique because there are few other places where you’ll find so many different varieties of maker under one roof.

“There’s definitely a little bit of everything, and we all take so much joy in working together,” says Lima. “Oh! And almost everyone in our department is a musician.”

Click here for more information on Maker Faire so you don’t miss what the exhibits team might be making this year!

– Syron Townsend

Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire returns to Cincinnati Museum Center!

Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2014 at Cincinnati Museum Center. Photo by Ziegelmeyer Photography.

Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2014 at Cincinnati Museum Center. Photo by Ziegelmeyer Photography.

Calling all inventors, tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts! Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire is back and once again will be under the iconic dome of Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal on Aug. 29 and 30, 2015.

Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire is a Cincinnati Museum Center-organized event that is part of the global Maker Faire network created by MAKE Magazine. According to MAKE, “Maker Faire is the greatest show (and tell) on Earth – a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.” The event brings together amateur and professional inventors, artists, crafters, chemists, engineers and performers in a combination of large spectacles and communal interactive experiences.

Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire will take place Aug. 29 and 30 at Cincinnati Museum Center, but we need you and your inventions, gadgets, creations and skills to make this year’s Mini Maker Faire better than ever. We are now accepting applications from all interested makers. The deadline to apply is June 12. Click here to apply.