2013 Makers

We are proud to introduce the makers of Cincinnati Maker Faire 2013!

PAR-Projects presents Cincinnati’s first, fully mobile, shipping container gallery and demonstration space — Makers Mobile. Come experience some intriguing artwork and creative demonstrations as this Northside-based group continues raising funds to build the region’s first Art & Education Center constructed out of shipping containers. www.parprojects.com/MakersMobile/

3D Printers of Hive13
3D Printers at Hive13 show off the various 3D printer projects from the Hive13 Hackerspace members.

3D Printing for Beginners, Explorers & Experts
Interactive demonstration to show new users the 3D Printing process from the creation of model design drawings to live printing of designs. And we’ll provide an opportunity to see the latest innovations in 3D printing.

We are professional toy developers with years of experience creating prototypes and printable models for the largest toy companies in the world. As 3D printing technology and digital design software becomes increasingly accessible, we aspire to provide makers and modelers with clever and affordable ways to help them Build Better, and Build Faster! www.3dKitbash.com

555 Whack-a-mole
The 555 Whack-a-mole is an analog electronic game complete with an LED display, touch inputs, and sound. On the technical side, the game is a pure hardware device; it does not use any software and does not require additional programming. In fact, the game uses an analog design – voltages and currents control the logic of the game, not ones and zeros. It truly showcases the timelessness of analog electronics. The 555 Whack-a-mole was the 3rd place winner in the complex category of the 555 Contest held in 2011. www.jnchen.com/projects/whack-a-mole

Aerodynamic Principles as Demonstrated by Utilizing Water, Air, & Sound
Examine aerodynamic principles in a water tank shadowgraph- watch heat waves rise from your hand, cool air fall from an ice cube, survey the trail of a grain of salt as it is dropped into the water, and many more interactive observations! Utilizing a microphone and an oscilloscope, observe sound-waves generated by your own voice. Watch the turbulence increase on the oscilloscope as we use a fan to demonstrate an airfoil stall.

Amplifying Creation
Stained Glass made by Hayley Drewyor

Angelflie Design
Natural elements and gemstones sustainably transformed. www.angelfliedesign.com

Art For Foodies
I make witty kitchen art! Since everyone tends to hang in the kitchen during parties, why not make it interesting? I take a recipe, and whatever the title is, I incorporate the ingredients into a portrait. Also, I make fresh fruit into jewelry, I call those “fruities for cuties.” www.etsy.com/shop/artforfoodies

Light up your life with an Artlight! Artlights are handmade glass night lights with an artistic flare.

This metal band weaves their steampunk epic through stage costume, larger-than-life glory-seeking lyrics, and a heavy sound. www.steampoweredmetal.com

Biomass Briquette Press
Open source designs for biomass briquette presses, grinder and chopper for use in developing countries to minimize the use of firewood. We will demonstrate two different presses making biomass briquettes. Visitors can make a briquette from sawdust and paper pulp. home.fuse.net/engineering/ewb_project.htm

Bitcoin Fluid Dispenser
A mobile, automated fluid dispenser that accepts bitcoin as the payment mechanism. andyschroder.com/BitcoinFluidDispenser/

Cards Couture
One of a kind handmade notecard collages made with paper, fabric and found objects stitched together with thread. www.cardscouture.com

Carol Tyler
Carol Tyler writes and draws and makes stuff. She also does the monthly page ‘Tomatoes’ for Cincinnati Magazine. www.bloomerland.com

Cincinnati Computer Cooperative
The Cincinnati Computer Cooperative is a non-profit organization that provides secure, environmentally responsible computer recycling services to business and individuals, and refurbished computers to low-income families, schools, and other non-profit organizations. cincinnaticomputercooperative.org

Cincinnati Museum Center
With three amazing museums, special exhibitions and more than 100 curriculum-based programs, we can’t wait to see what these guys bring! www.cincymuseum.org

Cincinnati State – Industrial Design Technology 3D Printing
An industrial design technician assists in the creation and development of the form and function of consumer products. Graduates of the Industrial Design Technology program blend their creative abilities with knowledge of the latest technology to develop products in a wide variety of industries including automotive design, medical products, consumer electronics, toys, furniture, and packaging, among others. Today, we have some design software and our portable 3D printer, a Makerbot Replicator 2, to demonstrate the technology and give you an opportunity to try your hand at creating something unique with it.

Cincy Photomob
The Cincy Photomob is a social photography experiment shedding light on what we see in our everyday surroundings and what we perceive as important and interesting. Taking a page from the flashmob playbook, participants assemble at a predetermined location, shoot photos in any/all directions and then disappear. Photos are collected and assembled into one large composite image. www.cincyphotomob.com

CinD-Lou HIVE13’s House Bot
CinD LOU is the Hive13 hackerspace house bot project. Based on a stripped down motorized wheelchair, this ambitious collaborative project is intended as a learning experience creating an autonomous protocol robot using the skills and tools at the Hive13 hackerspace. The eye, mouth, head, and neck actions feature laser-cut acrylic parts with R/C servo motions controlled by an Arduino. A MicroSoft Kinect with an open-source interface is used for person recognition to trigger the protocol interactions. wiki.hive13.org/Cin-D_LOU

Taken and bent from Wikipedia: “Circuit bending is the creative customization of the circuits within electronic devices such as low voltage, battery-powered guitar effects, children’s toys and digital synthesizers to create new musical, or visual, instruments and sound generators.” At the booth, we will be showing how to circuit bend, modify, create, and hack various audio “stuff.” Anybody that is interested in contact mics, guitar pedals, toys that make sound, keyboards, synthesizers, audio effect boxes, 8-bit computer music, and items related to the above would and should be interested in visiting the Circuitastrophe booth. We are all veterans of circuit bending/hacking/building, have done circuit bending workshops, and are generous with our knowledge of how to create far-out instruments and some pretty absurd sounds.

Clay Street Press
Publisher and printer of Fine Art Editions www.patsfallgraphics.com

Cloud Nine Designz LLC
Handmade jewelry, glass vases, picture frames, and wine charms featuring the use of polymer clay and sea glass. Hand painted ceramic coasters. www.cloudninedesignz.etsy.com

Organizing to help find, connect, and scale the community around artisan and small-batch manufacturing in Cincinnati. www.cncymade.com

Cosgrave Studios
Handcrafted Jewelry created from metal, found items, repurposed vintage, and more. Demonstration: Learn how fold-formed copper jewelry is created. www.cosgravestudios.com

Crafty Supermarket
Crafty Supermarket is a biannual indie craft show that draws crafters from all over North America to Cincinnati! We’ll have a hands-on craft area to help people make and decorate cute badges and buttons out of wood, paper and felt! www.craftysupermarket.com

Crown Jewel
Working at Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) at Union Terminal, I was inspired to create a product I call “Crown Jewel”, a Union Terminal hat. I designed custom dies and built a screen-printing shop, in the pursuit of sharing my idea and creating more Union Terminal fans like myself. Come operate a die cutting machine and make your own Crown Jewel hat. Also discover other Union Terminal inspired creations including a song recorded by Jerry Springer, and more.

Dirty Relief
I make relief prints at Price Hill’s Tiger Lilly Press, and as the Artist in Residence have been endeavoring a series concerned with commentary and appropriation centered around religious deities and subsequent narratives from around the world. Specific, pre-existing images of religious icons, mainly from Vedic and Judeo-Christian traditions, are hijacked and re-envisioned as devices of socio-political commentary. In tandem I have been creating a series of heads with material sourced from mug shots, and hand carved masks from around the world. In addition to these two series I have produced prints that are otherwise concerned with social justice, nightmares, expressionism, or absurd narrative. cargocollective.com/JackArthurWoodJr

dRock Press
dRock Press is a small press focusing on traditional printmaking techniques including woodcuts, silk screens, and letter press printing. All items produced in the shop are hand printed and range from fine art prints, to shirts, greeting cards, and tote bags. www.drockpress.com

Edge Metal Elegance
Handcrafted Chainmaille Jewelry by Lauren Martin www.edgemetalelegance.etsy.com

Emily Lyn Design
Modern jewelry, vintage parts. www.emilylyn.com

Extra Credit
I create one of a kind wearable art from recycled gift/ credit cards. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces! Colors galore! They even make a nice sound when they jangle.Be the first to own these funky, up cycled creations. dezignsofallkinds.angelfire.com

Faking Amnesia
Chiptune dance music made with two Gameboys and Little Sound DJ from Rochester, NY. fakingamnesia.bandcamp.com

Fantastic Four Natural Disaster Savers- FLL Presentation
An FLL Lego Team made up of four fourth graders will share a natural disaster problem/solution.

Fibergé – Knitting in the Nati
Fibergé is your exclusive source for premium yarn, needles, hooks, books, patterns and fiber accessories in downtown Cincinnati and the home of the Cincinnati Bombshells. Come hang out with some Bombshells, learn about the fiber arts, and watch knitting and spinning demonstrations. www.fiberge.com 

Findlay: A Cincinnati Pig Tale
A unique Cincinnati Children’s book about a pig who takes a trip to Porkopolis. This book is educational, fun, and a must have for all who love The Queen City. I would like to sell this book and along with it, have a Pig project for children to do so they can have their own Findlay to take pictures with him around the city. www.tinyscribblespublishing.com

FIRST Robotics
CHCA Robotics – FRC Team 4028, and Lakota Robotics – FRC Team 1038, participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition. We build 120lb up to 5 foot tall robots to compete in a design challenge each year. The robots designed, fabricated and assembled in a partnership between high school students and adult mentors who work in industry. We strive to inspire young people to pursue careers in Science and Engineering. Come see how we can inspire you by allowing you the opportunity to drive one of our robots. www.chcarobotics.comwww.lakotarobotics.com

A Fluttered Collection
Inspired by mixing Modern and Vintage design, A Fluttered Collection works to create one-of-a-kind laser cut gifts, unique accessories, detailed paper cuts, and home decor. With unique designs and precise detail, A Fluttered Collection specializes in creating fun, simple pieces not typically seen in the realm of laser design. www.etsy.com/shop/aflutteredcollection

Flying Magnets
Make magnets fly, learn to make butterflies flap their wings. Make magnets go chaotic. Make magnets go to the moon, well part way there. Build an indoor windless chime. www.flyingmagnets.com

Gentle Sweater
Deconstruction of gently worn and beautiful sweaters to use for various fiber art projects such as knitting, crocheting, weaving, and classroom activities. A variety of projects and pieces can be made from recycled sweaters. Visitors will be invited to deconstruct a sweater and make a small ornament with their materials.

Geri Shields Illustration
I work in acrylic paint and digital media to create clean, bright and light-hearted artwork of curious characters and humorous situations. My whimsical characters err on the side of cute and sometimes come with a darker undertone. www.gerishields.etsy.com

Globot! Joystick-Driven Earth Globe
Introducing the Globot, a joystick- and robot-driven Earth globe.
Worldfx manufactures large, inflatable, models of the Earth. The 10′ in diameter sphere will provide unique views of our home from space and allow a viewer to navigate to any part of the planet they would like to explore. Expand your geographic knowledge and become a member of the Future of Earth Steering Committee! www.realworldfx.com

A Polargraph / drawbot inspired project, using a Raspberry Pi + Go + Arduino. Made with the help and laser cutter of the Dallas Makerspace. code.google.com/p/gocupi/wiki/Info

Gorilla Glue
They make adhesive products FOR THE TOUGHEST JOBS ON PLANET EARTH. I wonder if they will bring free samples? 😉 www.gorillatough.com

GoSun Stove
Cook everything under the sun with this high efficiency, portable solar oven. The mighty little four pound package opens with parabolic reflectors to concentrate sunlight on an evacuated tube oven capable of temperatures over 600 degrees.
Come learn about this innovative solar technology and find out how it’s going to reduce the use of wood for cooking fuel, thus decreasing respiratory illnesses and restoring forests while saving money and time for impoverished families worldwide. www.gosunstove.com

Happen, Inc.
Happen, Inc. serves the kid in all of us, bringing kids and adults together to share creative art experiences. www.happeninc.org

Helicopter Studios
Designer and Maker www.helicopterstudio.com

Historic Stained Glass Demonstration
A look at the materials and fabrication or conditioning of historic stained glass. See the sparkle! Cutting of art glass demonstration, question and answers about the care of your art glass windows. gillianthompsonglass.blogspot.com

Hive13 DIY Book Scanner
I’ve built and modified a kit from DIYBookscanner.org. This uses off-the-shelf cameras and some electronics to make electronic copies of books. wiki.hive13.org/DIYBookScanner

Imagine Gnats
Imagine Gnats presents a make and take project in conjunction with Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. imaginegnats.com

iSPACE, The STEM Learning Place
iSPACE, the STEM Learning Place, is a Cincinnati-based non-profit that promotes STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education and career awareness through hands-on programs for students, families and the Greater Cincinnati community. Stop by to watch FIRST® Tech Challenge and FIRST® LEGO™ League robotics teams conduct demos, program and drive a robot, launch straw rockets and learn about other iSPACE programs that are helping to develop the scientists and engineers of the future. www.ispacescience.org

Joinery by Brush Factory
Examine classic woodworking joints up close and personal with Hayes Shanesy; designer, cabinetmaker, and co-founder of Brush Factory design studio. Shop Brush Factory’s contemporary handmade brand Brighton Exchange. Items for sale include large, limited edition, signed workshop series reference posters and Bottle Rocks, faceted wooden wine stoppers. www.brushmanufactory.com

Kiki Magazine
Kiki magazine is an award-winning, ad-free publication that inspires tweens and teens to explore business, fine art, craft, history, world culture, math, and even chemistry. Readers discover that having fun with style and artistry is completely compatible with intelligence and creativity. Kiki inspires young people to do rather than watch, to MAKE rather than consume. Today, the creators of Kiki magazine will help you turn regular gloves into phone and tablet-compatible gloves using conductive thread! www.kikimag.com

We strive to design and create comfortable, unique and useful clothing, accessories and useables with sustainable and renewable resources, that suit all walks of life. www.kreativemindzshop.com

L&L Natural Products By Julie
I make all natural bath and body products such as soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs, headache balm, first aid ointment, make up remover, ache wash, bug repellant, felted soap and more. Although my biggest seller are my Wool and Alpaca Dryer Balls. www.facebook.com/landlnaturalproductsbyjulie

Lily In Flux
Salvaged. Repurposed. Reinvented.
Adventurous Jewelry for Distinctive People.
Handmade jewelry for women and men made from found objects, vintage, and antique materials. Customized for you on the spot. www.lilyinflux.com

Loose Parts Play
Why do we play? Because it is how we learn! ‘Loose parts’ are materials that can be moved, built upon, designed and manipulated in endless ways. This hands-on play installation encourages participants to engage with recycled loose parts (boxes, bottle caps, tubes, packaging, etc.)–because the materials do not have a predetermined use, the possibilities are infinite! Players of all ages welcome. www.facebook.com/LoosePartsProject

Mad Science Slime, Playing with Polymers
Receive a tutorial on the science of polymers, and make your own Mad Science Slime to take home. An “edu-taining”, interactive experience! www.cincinnati.madscience.org

Make with Minecraft
Interactive exhibit where people young and old can play Minecraft in a multi-user environment and show their creativity in building anything they can imagine. After Cincinnati Maker Faire, the world will be put online so people can download and see their creations and those of others.

Making with ModiBot
ModiBot is a create-your-own action figure system made of traditionally-molded, figure kits and personalized by a wide variety of 3d printed accessories. www.modibot.com

Moonforest Studio
With a few simple tools and no formal plan, Sarah Miller of Moonforest Studio layers and sculpts wool fibers into a colorful array of characters. The technique is called needle felting and when combined with wood, paint and clay the result is a whimsical menagerie of mixed media sculptures. Visit the Moonforest Studio booth to see a quick demonstration and experience the process of needle felting by contributing to a community wall hanging. Kits and finished pieces will be available. www.facebook.com/pages/MoonForest-Studio/131385496947871

Mural Design Transfer Demo
ArtWorks employs and trains local youth and talent to create art and community impact. You may know us best for the 67 public murals we’ve painted all over the Greater Cincinnati region. Experience first-hand what it takes to create a public mural—from gathering design inspiration from the community to transferring the design to painting it—with this activity. www.artworkscincinnati.org/programs/summerprojects2012.shtml

Oberaw Industries
We offer a range of services, including but not limited to milling and turning, welding and fabrication, custom signage, plasma cutting, metal sculpture and trailer park art. www.facebook.com/pages/Oberaw-Industries/379435282129521

Oddities in Technicolor – Art and Beyond
A father/daughter team explore Art and Technology, combining their efforts to create this strange world . We will bring a bunch of the odd old time tech devices, acoustic radio horns and artwork . Would like to also include our way back computer drawing machine for an interactive drawing experience for people to explore. www.oldtimecomputer.com/new-products

Oxford Kinetics Festival
Bike modifications for fun and glory. www.oxfordkineticsfestival.org

Pharaoh’s Dance
We are a world music dance and drum ensemble. We perform live, love audience participation and children’s programs. We also design and sell costuming and drums. www.tallulahsbellydance.vpweb.com

PieceMaker Technologies
PieceMaker Technologies provides the means for small to midsized businesses and individuals to easily and affordably produce their own products and creations without the need for a technical or design background. We do this by offering the entire range of products to get from idea or desire to quality end-use goods. By combining 3D printing systems, software, content and services into a complete, low-cost package, we enable our customers to create unique products, expand their offering, and simplify their supply chain. www.piecemaker.com

PiMios stands for “Propel Innovation. Make It Open Source.” We are a community of makers and hackers who collaborate on projects to develop profitable open solutions to tech problems. Build. Share. Learn. Earn. www.pimios.com

A “PlaySurface” table, purchased through Kickstarter, from Templeman Automation. Jason, it’s owner has put time into customizing the case. He and other Hive13 members have decided on and implemented the applications being used on it for the Faire. Children and adults welcome.

Power Tool Drag Racing
The Ohio Tool Racing Championships will continue the tradition brought from Columbus in this third leg of the 2013 Triple Crown featuring Columbus, Louisville and Cincinnati! REGISTER NOW: www.toolraces.com

Powerhouse Factories Live Screen Print and Poster Booth
Powerhouse Factories invite you to learn about the screen print and design process and the history of gig posters through live, on-site printing. www.phfdesign.com

P&G New Scientist Network
Scientists from one of our favorite innovators will be doing sciency stuff, no doubt.

Propane Percussion
Propane Percussion is an interactive propane-flame art installation.

PVC Movie Screen
A movie screen for the backyard made entirely out of PVC piping, canvas and bungee cords for less than 150 dollars.

Ready for some high-flying quadcopter action at Cincinnati Maker Faire? Shy Ruparel will be demoing his Xaircraft 450 Pro quadcopter live and streaming a live aerial view of the faire.

R2-D2 Builders
The R2 Builders Club is an international group of individuals all making replicas of R2-D2 from the Star Wars films. www.astromech.net

One- of-a- kind ,hand stitched bowls, created from recycled materials. www.facebook.com/Recyclabowls

ReVamped Jems
ReVamped Jems is dedicated to finding ways to reuse old, broken and unwanted jewelry into things that can be treasured for years to come. Redesigning, Repairing, Recycling in order to keep items out of landfills and work towards sustainability in handmade crafts. www.facebook.com/ReVampedJems

Rivertown Brewing Company
Learn how beer is made from this local brewery. www.rivertownbrewery.com

Robo-Safe Cracker
An automated safe cracker that will dial through all the combinations of a safe.

Sarees of Bangladesh
Come learn about Bangladeshi cultural notions and wrap yourself in these luxurious silks! These sarees are 7-yards of hand-loomed silk created on manually powered looms, with details embellished by hand. These silks can be used for traditional saree attire or draped or sewn for many decorative uses. A quick 5-minute instructional guide on how to wrap a saree will occur occasionally throughout the day.

Shrewdness of Apes 
Join in and add to this large collaborative mixed media piece.

Stompy McThumperton vs. MegaRoboTron
In this edutaining, interactive, mind-blowing exhibit the masses will be enthralled with the battle to the death between the well-endowed Stompy McThumperton (a ten foot, up-cycled plush creation by the world-renowned abbydid) and Megarobotron (an equally impressively proportioned “robot” fabricated by internationally celebrated “Robot” Inside). A cardboard city filched from a local interactive advertising agency will surround this epic confrontation.

Sun Country
A fun five-piece band from Cincinnati, Ohio will be taking the stage and making pleasant sounds. www.suncountrymusic.com

Sunday Afternoon Housewife & Bebito
Hand-pulled silk screen tee shirts! A one color silk-screen press and a variety of screens and designs will be available for those interested in trying out silk-screening. Original designs with a variety of screens mean participants can pay a small fee for a blank tee shirt and then screen their own design by inking the screen and pulling the ink across the tee shirt. They will then heat-set the image with a standard household iron for a tee shirt that is ready to wear! Those not inclined to get inky can buy already printed tees in a variety of sizes and colors. www.sundayafternoonhousewife.net

Swan Maiden Soap
All natural soaps, salves & sprays, crafted with vitamin-rich oils (no animal fats!) and consisting of organic and no-spray herbs & grains and pure essential oils procured responsibly and locally. www.facebook.com/swanmaidensoap

Tater’s Treasures
We Rescue, Recycle, Re-invent, and Re-purpose old windows, screens, doors, frames and other objects of whimsy…and turn it into unique and functional art. www.facebook.com/taterstreasures

The Adventurer
A dazzling performance using large-scale puppetry teaches valuable lessons about the creatures of the ocean and habitat loss.

The Manufactory
The Manufactory is a member driven public access workshop focused on providing our community with the necessary tools and knowledge to turn their ideas into reality! Come learn about membership access to their wide variety of machines and equipment in a comfortable 17,000 sq ft environment. themanufactory.us

The Plush Team
The Plush Team is a guild of international plush artists committed to supporting the creative and professional development of its members. The Team works to further the promotion and creative development of dolls, stuffed toys, and all the soft areas in between. The Plush Team will be offering plush art for sale, as well as providing demonstrations, live artists-in-residence, and make-and-take projects. www.plushteam.com

The Prairie Dome Companion
The Prairie Dome Companion is a demountable geodesic enclosure designed to promote non-linear thinking and spiritual revivification. Attendees are invited to temporarily inhabit the structure, the fortunate shall leave enlightened. agriplexmegacorp.com/projects.html

Ulmer & Berne
Leading Tech and Intellectual Property Firm For Entrepreneurs And Emerging Businesses www.ulmer.com

Liz makes cuffs, watches, belts, and hand bags…using old world/old school techniques… which means you get a piece of handmade art that is unique, impeccably constructed…and straight from the heart. www.facebook.com/Vintageliz

We Grow Crystals
We are Ray and Amy Bridewell, and we grow crystals. Starting with raw elements we bloom crystals in gem quartz. We hand cut and polish each gem, then incorporate our gem crystals into our hand fabricated sterling silver jewelry. www.wegrowcrystals.com

Wind Chime Design & Build
Design and build your own tubular-bell wind chime set from tubes, pipes or rods. A variety of best practices, patterns and calculators are provided to accommodate your particular skill level, your construction resources, and your budget. home.fuse.net/engineering/Chimes.htm


Coffee Emporium
Try out the pedal-powered smoothie machine! www.coffee-emporium.com

EAT! specializes in bistro-style sandwiches and pasta featuring fresh, locally sourced food. www.eatmobiledining.com

Grateful Grahams
Grateful Grahams are the original handmade vegan graham cracker. Kids love them. Grown ups crave them. Grandmas adore them. www.gratefulgrahams.com

If you’re going to eat a hot dog, make it a GREAT ONE!  kaimelskys.wordpress.com

Sweet Peace Bakery
Cincinnati’s first and only completely vegan bakery offers those who love all things sweet an exciting new alternative—cookies, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, brownies, and desserts  free from animal products.  However, free from animal products does NOT mean free from great taste to satisfy even the most discriminating sweet tooth. www.sweetpeacebakery.com

Taco Sherpa
On a special journey to Cincinnati Maker Faire from the Great North Lands, The Taco Sherpa serves Mighty Fine Korean Eats. www.tacosherpa.com


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