Maker Mondays: Queen City Clay

For a certain generation of people, clay has become a conduit to romance thanks to a certain scene in “Ghost.” Patrick Swayze aside, clay is, and always has been, art. This blob of goo transforms into incredible figures, structures or practical pieces in the muddy hands of a skilled artist. And in unskilled hands it becomes a charming Father’s Day gift and pencil holder. queen-city-clay

Queen City Clay, located in Oakley, is one of the largest public ceramics studios and clay retail shops in the country. And they believes you’re more than just a pencil holder in a world of ornate vases, bowls and pitchers. Because really, it’s not the product that’s important to them. It’s the process. They foster the human impulse to create and believe that the shared experience of creating ideas and objects improves a person’s overall well being. That’s why they offer lessons, pottery painting and open wheel nights and private events. They can help teach you how to throw on a wheel and turn a chunk of clay into a perfectly-proportioned bowl or they can let you just go for it. queen-city-clay-3

Their influence extends beyond the studio, though. They play an important role in arts education in the community. They supply schools throughout the region with materials and training and they offer internships and an artist-in-residence program. And for even younger artists they offer classes and summer camps through the Art Workshop.

You can catch up with Queen City Clay at Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire October 8 & 9 at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds. Purchase one of their masterpieces or try your own hand at ceramics. Hey, maybe your skills far surpass pencil holder. You never know until you get your hands dirty.

For more information on Queen City Clay visit


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