Maker Mondays: OKILUG

SNOT (Studs Not On Top). Just one club reference to the little dots on the top of LEGO bricks, and the mortar that holds together the incredible creations of the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana LEGO Users Group (OKILUG), new Makers at this year’s Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire. Using nothing more than what comes in any regular LEGO kit – no glue, no color alterations, no special or cut pieces – OKILUG has built masterpieces using a toy that most of us grew up playing with and have grown old stepping on.

But OKILUG skips the instructions sheets that come with their LEGO bricks. A pile of bricks to them isn’t an overwhelming mess or a sadistic parent torture device (watch your bare feet!). It’s a life-size bust of the Green Lantern. Or a city scene populated with your favorite cartoon and comic book characters. Or, well, anything. OKILUG members see a pile of possibilities, envisioning a world made of bricks as they start to piece together an architectural landmark.

This year at Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire, they’ll be building a LEGO wonderland, brick-by-brick, complete with running trains and dotted with local landmarks like the Tyler Davidson fountain, free built to 1/50th scale with 21 minifigs and sand green bricks, plus a massive 1/50th scale Music Hall. You can also travel to a galaxy far, far away with their special Star Wars display and kick up the dust with desperadoes and outlaws in a Wild West display.

For OKILUG, their imagination is a powerful tool, using bricks and plates to create whimsical masterpieces that’ll make you go home, climb into the attic and dig out your bin of LEGO bricks. Stop by and play along at Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire October 8 & 9. Then head home and see what you can build. Just be sure to wear shoes. LEGO bricks can be a harsh mistress.

For more information about OKILUG and to see more of their creations, visit or check out their Facebook page.


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