Now taking the Maker Faire stage…

At Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire, every kind of maker and every act of making is on display – including those who make music, explosions set to music and even beer. Don’t miss these performances on Saturday, Aug. 29 and Sunday, Aug. 30 at Cincinnati Museum Center:

preston-charlesPreston Charles III, Make It Happen Music
Preston will perform the violin with two amps to give stereo effect and enhance the experience of the listener hearing what seems like two violins playing in rhythm with one another, when in actuality there is one violin and a loop pedal. He’ll have free pins and info about music in general and Make It Happen Music.
Maker Stage, Cincinnati History Museum South Gallery
11 a.m. Saturday & 1 p.m. Sunday


katie-daniels-3Katie Daniels
Katie is a singer/songwriter hailing from Glasgow, Kentucky. She plays Celtic folk harp and sometimes acoustic guitar. She plays a wide variety of music from covers of modern pop songs, to ancient ballads, to original music. She also composes and performs for the geek crowd, and once even wrote a song specifically for the Maker movement.
Maker Stage, Cincinnati History Museum South Gallery
Noon Saturday & Sunday


Ping Pong Ball Explosion

Photo by Ziegelmeyer Creative

Ping Pong Explosion
See science explode into action with liquid nitrogen and 1,500 ping pong balls!  What happens when liquid nitrogen boils in a tightly capped bottle? At over 160 pounds per square inch, our bottle suffers a catastrophic failure, releasing over 25,000 pounds of force and launching our 1,500 ping pong balls over 100 feet into the air.
South Parking Lot
Noon Saturday & 1 p.m. Sunday


EepyBird's live show from Maker Faire Detroit. Photo by Gary Malerba.

EepyBird’s live show from Maker Faire Detroit. Photo by Gary Malerba.

Watch EepyBird’s Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz don their lab coats and drop 540 Mentos mints into 108 two-liter bottles of Coke Zero, creating geysers of soda that will erupt over 25 feet into the air.
North Parking Lot
1 p.m. Saturday only



Brewers’ Panel
Representatives from local breweries including Taft’s Ale House, Christian Moerlein and Rivertown will be speaking on the unique characteristics of their beers and breweries and answering audience questions.
Maker Stage, Cincinnati History Museum South Gallery
3 p.m. Saturday & Sunday

3 p.m. Sonic Flame Tube
Watch and listen as music creates a constantly changing display of fire!
Museum of Natural History & Science STEM Discovery Lab
3 p.m. Saturday & 4 p.m. Sunday

Admission to all of the indoor performances and the rest of Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire is free for Cincinnati Museum Center Members or included with an All Museums Pass. Buy in advance online to save!


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