Make Like a Girl

UT in Rookwood

Rookwood souvenir tiles feature iconic images of Cincinnati including Union Terminal, Carew Tower and Fountain Square.

Let’s face it, sometimes it can seem like the world of making is a boys’ club. But did you know the first female-run manufacturing company in the U.S. was founded right here in Cincinnati?

Maria Longworth

Maria Longworth Storer

Maria Longworth Storer, after being inspired by the intricacy of Japanese pottery, established Rookwood Pottery Company in 1876. Her goal was to change the international perception that American ceramics were inferior in design and lacking technique. With the help of her team of famous artists, promising art students and expert glaze technicians, Rookwood Pottery achieved a caliber of artisanry that has been awarded on stages across the globe, and is now considered one of the most collectible American ceramics brands.

This year at Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire, be sure to stop by the Rookwood Ice Cream Parlor where you’ll find original, floor-to-ceiling Rookwood tiling dating all the way back to 1933. You can even purchase a Rookwood tile at our gift shop and take a piece of history home! Click here for more information about Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire or to purchase tickets.

– Syron Townsend


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