FREE Tickets Now Available!


Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire is a free event, but you will need to have a ticket for each day you attend. For your convenience, you can get your free tickets in advance from Cincinnati Museum Center.



4 responses to “FREE Tickets Now Available!

  1. Question.. If someone shows up without tickets will they be turned away?

  2. No, you will be able to get tickets at Cincinnati Museum Center during the show. But this way you can avoid the line.

  3. I was a bit confused by the web page on the ticket buying page. The faire is free, but you have to have a museum membership to get into the museum where the fair is, or pay $8 a day if you don’t have one?

    • Hi Curious,

      The Cincinnati Museum Center is actually a collection of several museums in one space. The areas that Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire will occupy, including the special exhibit spaces, are free. The other museums will be open as usual and so there is the normal fee to enter those museums.

      When getting your tickets, be sure to use the specific Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire ticket link and NOT the general admission one in the Cincinnati Museum Center main menu.

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