Vendors, now is your chance to think big!

ImageI’ve been asked several times by makers how Cincinnati Maker Faire is different from Crafty Supermarket, The City Flea or any of Cincinnati’s other wonderful market-style events. While it’s true at all of these events you can sell handmade goods, at Cincinnati Maker Faire commerce is secondary to sharing. It’s the place to try crazy things. Get noticed. Fail. Laugh. Learn. And also sell.

Sure, if you have a unique offering, you can certainly come to the faire and simply sell. But I encourage you to think about sharing more. Maybe show the molds you use to make your soaps. Or have a visual aid to explain the process you use to oxidize metal. Or create a ridiculously large version of your product. Everyone loves a spectacle.

Whatever the case, think about expressing the essence of your brand in a new and engaging way. I guarantee it will also boost sales.

And never fear, if you have a good idea that requires more than the standard 10′ x 10′ space, just let us know. We will always accommodate creativity.



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